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Default Re: The joys of having extremely bad OCD

Originally Posted by DejaVu View Post
Should I attempt to stop completely or try and lower it down gradually? Also, what's better in your experience, therapy or antidepressants?
I've been dealing with OCD for about 2 and a half years now and I've managed to make some headway. When you're feeling the urge and the anxiety to do a ritual whether it's counting or specific routine just change it ever so slightly. then STOP. Ask yourself if it's too much anxiety/obession to do the ritual in a different way. If it's too much then redo the ritual and try again next time. If you feel like you can walk away without too much trouble then just walk away.

It does take willpower cause you might still obsess about it but little by little you can change your rituals to be less intrusive and maybe even get rid of rituals all together eventually. And if you can walk away force yourself to smile it releases endorphins that make you feel a little better which can help you associate walking away from a ritual with feeling good instead of really really shitty.

I just don't recommend Paxil. Made me feel like shit, even though I could have sex for hours without cumming; it just wasn't nearly as good of sex.
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