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Default Re: ultimate pubic hair survey far both sexes

Age: 3 days shy of 15
Gender: Boy
Do you have pubes: Yes
When did started to grow: Just after I turned 11
What tanner stage you are 1-5: 5
First armpit hairs: 11
First legs hairs: 10?
First masturbation: 11
Times you masturbate a week: 6-10, usually once in the morning and sometimes at night
When do you ejaculate/menstruate first time: I've ejaculated every time I've masturbated, so since 11

What kind of pubes do you have (coarse stright curl...): Coarse and curly
Do you have full developed bush?: Yes
Pubic hair color: Dark brown
Average length of pubic hair: 1"-1.5"
Inner thights hair: Yes
Do you shave/trim/wax?: Sometimes shave or trim, and I have never, nor intend to,

Whay frequency do you do (trim, wax, shave) or leave it natural?: Super rarely

Do you like having them: I'm fine with them, but I'm going to trim/shave soon because they are a little long for my liking
Do you excite your pubes: No because my pubes don't exactly have feelings of their own
Do you touch them and play when you masturbate?: Yes
Did tou see another naked person with pubes before you: Probably my dad when I was super young, but no one else since then
If that was your reaction?: That was over 10 years ago so my memory isn't entirely sharp
Did you feel embrassed when your pubes started to grow?: Not exactly, but I didn't know what was going on so I kinda thought a fungus was growing around my penis
Did you notice your first pubes or someone else did you told it that were growing?: I first noticed they were growing in the bathroom
Did you show your pubes in public i.e. changing room?: No
What did you feel when you are naked with other girls/boys in a changing room?: I haven't been naked around anyone else in a very long time
Have you ever compared your pubic hair with other friends?: No
Do you feel pubes is a necessary thing for being a man/woman?: No
Have you ever masturbate with another girl/boy?: No
Do you feel proud of having more pubes than other boys/girls?:
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