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Default Re: Everyones fear of nudity

Originally Posted by Harrier View Post
Ya my church camp talked about how sex is a gift and just for marriage (of course that's what most religions say, people have their own opinions I guess). But I have talked to nudists who are religious and have no problem being nude. It all depends on what religion and what personal belief the person has. But as others have said, nudity shouldn't or doesn't have to be about sex. You can be nude and not thinking about or wanting to have sex.

The title of this post is weird. It's not just fear that keeps some people not wanting to be nude. Some people are self conscious. Some people will get nude with some people, yet not want to be nude with other people. Lots of different people have lots of different feelings.

Personally I like being nude and really only have hangups about nudity based on what I THINK OTHERS are thinking. For example I can be naked with anyone in my family except my mom, grandparents, and aunts/uncles (basically anyone old except my dad bc I just imagine right or wrong that if they see me naked that they would be surprised). Also I don't always like being naked when others aren't it just feels weird. I feel like if I am naked than you should be too. Just so we have equal playing field. I run with my teammates before school so when we shower we are often doing so when first period PE is in the locker rooms. We are naked and they aren't. It just sorta feels weird lol.
What you're saying is that for you, it depends on the situation and the people involved. I like how you judge each situation as it comes up.

I don't think there's an absolute right or wrong. It really depends on the individual, that person's family and for some, community.

I'm having a great time here. I'm open to chat, too.
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