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Default Warning To Cutters

So about 2 years ago I was having a rough time, and then one day in particular was particularly shitty. Anyway I just wanted to hurt myself and feel pain, I was frustrated. I found a dull knife in a drawer and started to cut my upper arm. The knife didn't draw hardly any blood, but it damaged by skin a bit. I cut a couple times and then I was done, as the knife wasn't doing the trick. I would never commit suicide or any serious self harm, though I do like the feeling of bleeding sometimes. Anyway I cut only 1 time and theres now a permanent scar there that I plan to get removed one day, it's a raised scar too. I figured I would try cutting one time, and it left me with a scar and makes me cautious about wearing short sleeves. If you want to see yourself bleed, just donate some blood.
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