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Default Re: I lied while getting evaluated...

Has something in the past made you have these feelings of not being worthy to be helped? You shouldn't feel that way, you just shouldn't. There are plenty of resources out there, and in your current state, you should definitely take advantage of them. Medicine is just one option; you can find a counselor/therapist who you feel comfortable opening up to. It may not be the first one you meet, but just find someone you feel safe with, and be honest with your family as well about what you're going through. You can't expect anyone to be there for you if you leave them in the dark. Don't think of it as "picking at your psyche" - they could offer support and just talking about it might make you feel better. Bottling things up is the last thing you should do. Another thing: not being satisfied with your body is normal, but don't let the good things get overshadowed by your dislike for the things you're not happy with. Seriously don't worry about the glasses either, so many people wear them and they won't make you more conspicuous in any way.

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I just food and I still have a hungry.
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