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Default Re: bringing me down...

Originally Posted by Jman437 View Post
And there's another problem... My parents won't take me to therapy because "it's normal to feel anxious"... I tried to convince them but no, they just sent me to psychologists, but I need a psychiatrist, not a freaking psychologist! I have GAD, not that anxiety someone has before a date or a very important event! I'm always anxious, for fuck's sake! I get anxious for every little thing! I can't get my mind off of problems because of it!!! I've been feeling like this since I was a child!!! So you see, I'm not the problem, my parents are, thanks to them, I'm the the anxious, fearful and neurotic person on the planet! And the worst part is they don't realize it will send me on a downward spiral if I don't get a grip on them! They won't even let me take anxiolytics!

it's bad not to be financially independent, it's really bad(there are worse things, like having cancer) it's an expectation for a normal citizen for christ's sake! Getting a college degree, a house, a car, a wife and kids. THESE are things a normal citizen has! I don't want to be a slob living at my parent's house!!! Birds are supposed to leave the nest, not live there until they die!

Well, but killing yourself won't solve the problem, right? If your parents are the problem, stop having those negative thoughts about not finishing university and talk to them, explain the situation. If they understand it, good. If they don't, maybe the only way you have to get some medicines is behind their back. I don't know your age, but judging for your avatar I guess you're old enough to make your own decisions and assume the responsabilities of your actions. I don't want to be rude, but I suggest you deal with your problems like a grown up guy you are and stop thinking you're not gonna make it, that only worsens the situation.

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