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1.... personality is number one. in a girlfriend I need someone who I can get along with and have a laugh with. after that I think about more physical attraction
2....then for me its the face. boobs and bum are a nice bonus but if shes got a good smile and beautiful eyes the others are only extras
3....then I think body language and the way they dress. if theyre confident and wear nice fitting clothes I find it attractive, but also a shy girl is attractive too because you feel as is you have someone to look after

Is it her face (pretty)?
Is it her smile?
Is it her body (skinny, curvy, chubby, fit)?
Is it her boobs (small, average, large)?
Is it her personality?
Is it her body language?
Is it her eye contact with you?
Is it the way she dresses (which style do you like)?
Anything else?
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