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Default Re: Had a seizure today

Originally Posted by swimjoey1 View Post
Glad you are ok...
Thank you, it could have been much worse than it was. Thankfully I was just in my dorm.

Originally Posted by Dalcourt View Post
Good to hear you are doing okay again...
Thank you

Originally Posted by Just JT View Post
Dude yeah man keep up on your meds. Never heard of someone having a seizure for that. But Iím no doc either

Just keep healthy ok?
Yeah, I've been taking medication for seizures since 2010 when I had my second one in the span of 30 days. I'm not epileptic, (doctors can't tell what causes my seizures) but I take epilepsy medication. I recently downloaded a pretty good medication reminder app. It's working well.

Originally Posted by jamie_n5 View Post
Man you need to take your meds. Glad you are doing okay again.
Yeah, I know. I got this app that reminds me to take the meds every twelve hours, and it's working well so far. Thanks for your response.

Originally Posted by SethfromMI View Post
man that is some scary stuff. Please try to keep on that stuff, I would be sad if anything happened to you. I know sometimes that stuff can' be controlled regardless. Hope you continue to feel better man.
Yeah, I'm using this app that reminds me to take the meds. It's working well so far.

Originally Posted by Lost in the Echo View Post
Man, you know I drink a lot and am at risk for this shit; but never thought in a million years this stuff would have happened.
GL Rob Iím here for you.

Hope youíre good now dude
Thank you, man. It means a lot. I didn't know alcohol could cause seizures actually. I was worried all the weed I smoked at college could have caused it, but the doctors assured me that wasn't the case.

Originally Posted by Mars View Post
Oh shit, hope youíre doing better now man!
Yep, I'm back on my meds and everything's great so far.

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