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looks like this is just weekend reports for chicago:

since labor day: 58 shooting deaths over 300 wounded

in response to the first 2 articles on this thread: i'm not saying Chicago is the worst city, or most dangerous city. I understand it has a large population so 350 people isn't "that" many in the grand scheme of the population of Chicago. But, it is obvious that their gun control measures really don't curb the gun violence as criminals will be criminals so modeling more laws after Chicago's laws don't do a lot.

I live in NY, we have the "wonderful" SAFE act... it is a terrible piece of crap that our worthless governor pushed through in the middle of the night! It is my understanding (correct me if i'm wrong) but if someone gets their pistol permit and decides that "hey i'm in a shitty spot in life I need to talk to someone" the therapist is required to turn them in and even if they pose no threat to others/themselves since they talked to a mental health professional they no only lose their handguns but also their long guns... now if you don't have a pistol permit you can be committed get treatment come out and go hunting with your rifles/shotguns

Chicago's system is finally coming around for the law abiding citizen
NY's system is trying to make people choose between seeking mental help or keeping their guns... not a conditional "you keep them as long as therapist and pharmacy sign off that you are doing therapy and taking appropriate meds as prescribed"

long and the short... Dem's tout Chicago/NY when it suits them so Republicans & independents will show the flaws in their systems when it suits us
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