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Originally Posted by SethfromMI View Post
My point was many liberals act like if you make guns illegal there will be zero problems. That's why I brought up Chicago. Chicago, the Liberals Dream City, which does have some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, in the nation, also has some of the highest gun violence in America.

The city with one, if not, the highest gun control in the nation, has some of the highest gun violence in the nation. I just want someone to help explain the correlation because supporters of gun control argue stricter gun control laws will eliminate/greatly reduce gun violence, which to be fair, is not the case in Chicago.
Im a liberal myself and ykno I have no real problem with people owning guns. I want to own a gun myself in the future. The problem is the system of the whole thing and the people who get their hands on guns. If we revise and change the system of screening for weapon purchases, fix the police force (especially in urban cities), then we would be on our way to a better future yeah? You know you hear all these stories on the news nowadays about people walking into churches or crowds in concerts or just anything with a semi auto and just... murdering people in cold blood. And all those people obtained their guns legally, through the system, even though theyve been on police lists or have mental disabilities. Its fucking horrific and it needs to stop and people need to start taking action and fixing the system and fixing the screening and the police so we can stop this fuckery

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