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Default Re: how do you stop caring about what other people think?

You have to stop looking at yourself through other peoples eyes. Imagine you were on a desert island- there's no one around but yourself. On this desert island, if you build a cabin, or help an injured kitten, or whatever, you'd feel good about that, right? And theres nobody around to spoil it. So when you think about yourself and your accomplishments, just imagine you're on that wonderful island and feel really good about what you've done. Realise that any detractors of yours don't have to affect the way you feel, they're just neutral. Eventually you will build up a healthy sense of self-worth, and then you can bid your paradise island goodbye forever.

"Absolute tolerance is altogether impossible; the allegedly absolute tolerance turns into ferocious hatred of those who have stated clearly and most forcefully that there are unchangeable standards founded in the nature of man and the nature of things."
-Leo Strauss, Liberalism: Ancient and Modern
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