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Default ADHD and OCD?

I really want to know if I have both ADHD and OCD.

With the OCD, I must have things done in a certain way or I don't feel right, for instance last week in class My Friend placed his drink next to mine and I suddenly couldn't have it I just knocked them both off the table. And sometimes I have thoughts about stuff that I don't think I should like horrible type things but I cannot cast them from my mind.

ADHD though I have noticed I have to be center of attention, I get worked up over little things and sometimes lash out at my friends or just suddenly feel the urge to start a fight with people. I have nearly been kicked out of school, and I can't get through certain lessons that involve me staying still and just doing one thing eg, writing. In Gym class, I got kicked out because someone start messing around and I just flipped. My friends make jokes saying I need anger management I really don't like it as it makes people want to stay away.

I fear the Worst but hope this is all in my head as I have a lot to deal with at the moment.
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