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Default Re: Leaving For College Excited and Afraid

Originally Posted by Freckles View Post
Thank you Second Chance. That was all very good advise. Because of things I have already done and classes I've taken I can test out of some classes. One elective is to take a ham radio operators license course. I am already a general class licensed ham. I have also taken the storm spotters course. I took the test for Intro to Meteorology this morning and sure I passed it. I've also joined the ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service) and RACES (Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service).

I am going from living on a small ranch to a city which is and amazing difference. Mostly the traffic and noise. On the bright side to get to Walmart it's a 3 mile drive where at home it was 48 miles. Food here is a bit cheaper I'm guessing because of more competition. I'm going to be doing most of the cooking for the family which will make me feel more at home. That will also save me money not having to buy groceries except for snacks.

I got interested in meteorology when I was 8 years old and we had to stop while on a trip because of tornadoes in the area. I saw one of them in the distance and was just fascinated by it. Since then I've been self studying weather and watch chasers, weather documentaries and knew that's what I wanted to do. I want to become a weather researcher to help find ways to control the weather and make more advanced warnings. This will likely mean I'll need to get a master's degree.
You seem like a man with a plan, and as long as you are tight with your fellow students and especially your academic advisor and professors, then you should be fine. I am sure that your program is very specialized, and there definitely must be some very interesting people in your department unlike other parts of the university that must be boring by comparison.

Taking the HAM radio course along with the other electives you have described are the way to go. You will have a very diverse background by the time you graduate, and I am sure that you will honestly have no trouble becoming a weather researcher by the time you are done. Going for Master's Degree would most likely be right up your alley since what you are studying is not really boring to you or a task meaning that you will be one of those folks who will really look forward to class and will not view anything you do as a pain. While there are a lot of cool equipment out there that can predict weather the reality is that there are some fundamentals such as simply looking at the clouds, feeling the wind, and observing the way animals behave that all give clues to something that is about to happen. I think having a healthy balance between technology and olds fashioned skills is important in your field of study.

Where you are currently living is the storm capital of the world, and there is no question you will be in for some wild weather and will get a lot of experience. Meteorology students from all over the world come to where you're studying because it is one of the few places where you can see nearly all weather events that happen throughout the planet.

That is a good idea you're living with a family so that way you do not feel alone unlike, say, living in a dorm. I'm guessing you must like to cook, and you must have a win-win relationship with the family you're living with. The reality is that based upon your interests where you are is where you need to be to complete your studies, and you're lucky you found a stable home to stay at while you do your stuff.

Wow, you really must have been from a small town or isolated place if you're impressed by a Wal-Mart! I am sure a Target, JCPenney, or Macy's must absolutely blow your mind if you see one of those!
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