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Originally Posted by Sardonical View Post
You should really tell her if you're not comfortable with it or if you're unsure about it. She might be able to help your decision regarding it.
However, ensure you don't allow her to push you into doing anything you are uncomfortable with.
this is true.

Originally Posted by Shado99 View Post
Hey girls, I need some help, my best friend (who is a girl), who I've known since I was born, we'll she wanted me to show her how to masturbate, it was a bit aekward but I agreed, I liked it a bit but now she wants me to masturbate her and she masturbate me and she wants it to go much further. I did enjoy masturbating with her a lot but I'm not sure if it's right to go to the next level,

Girls can you try and help me
why would she not ask another girl how to masturbate. you have different anatomy.

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