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Default Re: Ocd or just a habit

I agree, you may have it but it could be very mild.

I do the same thing also, but it's more on a greater scale... like how I have to touch polls when I'm walking somewhere and if I miss one i HAVE to go back and touch it otherwise I think something bad will happen and I'll have an anxiety attack =/

To answer your question about if OCD is bad, the answer varies from person to person and those who have it.

If someone has a real bad case of OCD, it can interfere with their daily lives because they are too focused on getting all of their rituals done. I'll use myself as an example, but I wont list EVERYTHING that I do =P:

My alarm is set to 7:00 or 8:00 am, I can't do 8:05 or 7:30 because it bugs the hell out of me that its not on an even number.
My bed has to be made in a certain way so that it's completely straight, no wrinkles.
I divide my mouth into "quadrants" (four) and brush each quadrant 23 times
I don't eat breakfast because its disgusting to eat before brushing my teeth and after brushing I dont want to get my mouth dirty again.
I live in an apartment and have to climb down stairs to get to the bus stop, but not every flight of stairs equals 10 steps!! So on the ones that dont have 10 steps, i go back up and down until it equal 10
and as mentioned above, I have to touch every poll I come across on the way too the bus stop.

There's more... way more.. but as you can see, doing a lot of that takes up precious time =(
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