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Default Re: ejaculate more? ice cubes

Originally Posted by IAMSAM View Post
This question came up before, and the answer is still the same. I cannot think of a singularly less appealing thing to do at 'That' moment than rubbing frozen ice on testicles!

No, rubbing ice on yourself doesn't improve orgasm/ejaculation. It will just make your scrotum cold.
sorry Sam, but that's not necessarily true In my horny days I've read a ton of articles and why people would do certain things.

Like I said before, in this thread, the reason that people add weird things such as ice cubes to intercourse or masturbation is to give a different sensation during the session. By rubbing ice cubes on your testicles, it may give you a different sensation than how you regularly pleasure yourself, and excite you or make it more interesting. Which can make you hornier, and thus you MAY ejaculate more or have a stronger orgasm. But that's only if you like the ice cold sensation and it makes you hornier. The more horniness is what really makes you cum more or have a stronger orgasm.
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