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Originally Posted by ImCoolBeans View Post
You're quite good! You should really get a sketchpad or better paper to work on. You might not think it, but it makes a big difference, not only in aesthetics but it's also much better for drawing on and will showcase your work much better than loose leaf paper.
Thank you very much, your words help more than you know I no longer use my notebooks since someone gave me feedback about the lines. For now I'm using a tablet and my PC but I'm still adjusting (My first time drawing electronically). I'm finding that everything just looks better without the poor quality paper and lines. I've got a proper sketchbook but I haven't actually had the chance to use it, I hope to soon in the future though! Feedback and criticism are very much appreciated and you seem like you know quite a bit about art (Judging from your posts on other topics), so any knowledge or judgment is great.

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