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Originally Posted by Tim987 View Post
I know its an intresting topic and its great to learn about people but more then half the posts on here are surveys or questionares on masterbation of penis size ect ect and its kinda beoring and not really what this page should be... i think it should be a page for questions about your growing bodys and questions that arnt commonly asked
I can see why masturbation is a hot topic. Starting to get horny, and reacting to that by masturbating, is a big part of puberty. It's natural, normal, healthy and feels wonderful and yet for many years it was taboo even when talking about two person sex was acceptable and of all the topics it is probbly the least well adressed by school sex-ed so it is not surprising people want to talk about it here.

Over at GovTeen the moderators took the view that masturbation wasn't really what the puberty forums were about and the result is those forums are now almost completely dead.

I am not so sure why penis size is such a hot topic but again if that's what people want to discuss I am not sure it is worthwhile to try to stop them.

It's also not as if other things are not discussed. They may not appear as often as surveys but erections, dealing with hair, voice changing, developing muscle etc. are all discussed in the boys puberty forum.

Originally Posted by Camo114 View Post
Omg lol XD, i dont think theres any use for it but whether you would call it pubic hair or not is debatable like armpit hair. It only come in during puberty but its not in the pubic region.
If you want a term for all the hair that grows in response to testosterone, i.e. from puberty onwards, try "androgenic hair".

The exact spread of hair folicles that are sensitive to testosterone and also how sensitive they are seems to vary from one guy to another and seems to be an heriditary characteristic. When fully developed Just about everyone has pubes, armpit hair and some facial hair, though the amout and pattern of facial hair varies quite a lot. Chest hair is pretty common but there are a few people who don't get it and there is lots of variation in stomach hair/happy trail - some people have none, some just a thin line and some have loads of hair there. It can also grow on arms and legs and even fingers and toes.

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