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Default Re: Post your workout

Originally Posted by dbfordateam View Post
Okay for track and field we did:
5 w/ 45
5 w/ 135
5 w/ 155
3 w/ 185

then we did light front squat
5X5 w/ 45

military press
5 w/ 45
5 w/ 65

Rope Vaulting
Backwards summersaults with handstand
20 v sit ups
20 starfish sit ups
5 hanging toe to ceiling

then we practice 4X100 handoffs

then we did 6 200M (This was hell)

Sheriff hope your shoulders heal man! Those suckers can hold you back for awhile.

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Sounds intense and, Thank you!

As for myself, I just stretched a ton and did exercise with resistance bands on the bus.

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