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Default Re: Nicknames/codenames for weed

Originally Posted by PinkFloyd View Post
Ahhhhhh I am so jealous. One of the many reasons I love Europe. The laws on alcohol and Marijuana (I know, only in certain places for Marijuana) are really relaxed.
Drugs, including marijuana, are forbidden in the Netherlands. I know everyone says it's legal, but they're wrong. It's illegal.
However, small quantities (for personal use) of marijuana are condoned. The law will usually not be enforced. Unless you start to do crazy things while under the influence of whichever drug. Cocaine, heroine, xtc and other drugs are illegal and carrying even the smallest amount is a crime.
Regarding alcohol: it's illegal for under 18 y/o's to carry or drink alcohol in public. You cannot buy alcohol anywhere when you're under 18. That law is strictly enforced.

The general "rule" is: as long as you don't upset or harm others you can do what you like. Still, it's illegal to do drugs in the Netherlands, including marijuana. You still can get fined for possession.
The laws in for example Uruguay and Colorado US are much more relaxed.

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