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Default Re: Do you talk to yourselves?

Originally Posted by Just JT View Post
I think it might be more of my ADHD kicking in with my imagination. Sometimes I think of things, or how to explain things, as if I'm Speaking to a group of my friends sometimes. I think it helps me use up my "imagination memory energy" or something.
I agree, while people on the spectrum can certainly experience this, many that aren't also do this self talking. Maybe my ADHD contributes towards doing that.

Originally Posted by Just JT View Post
I don't think it's weird really, I'm pretty sure we all do this to some degree. Hence the "spectrum", being not autism, but just everything in life is a spectrum. We all have the same qualities and characteristics, it's only a matter of to what degree.
While I agree with your sentiment here, the autism spectrum has several unique qualities and characteristics that aren't present withtin most people.

Originally Posted by Elysium View Post
I do talk to myself. Sometimes while doing work, sometimes while trying to organize my thoughts and actions, sometimes with the guise of talking to my cat, occasionally to comfort myself.

I do the future tense conversation thing, too. Also frequently I'll act out conversations with people in my head because for whatever reason, it most helps me examine what's actually going on with me and my feelings.

I will occasionally mentally rant too, but only if I'm not trying to sleep
We do the same thing. Yes, sometimes I try to mentally rant trying to stay awake, but eventually I fall asleep :p

Originally Posted by Amethyst Rose View Post
I talk to myself sometimes while walking myself through the action(s) of completing a task, when I'm frustrated, and even to the thing that's the source of my frustration.
Oh my, I do that too! I forgot to put that on the post. I'll start like scolding the thing that frustrated me (if I'm too frustrated).

Originally Posted by Amethyst Rose View Post
I also do a variation of this for music - I compose solos over pre-learned chord changes in my head to acquaint myself with the changes on a more profound level and develop ideas for when it comes time to actually play a solo.
That's interesting - and pretty cool! I'm guessing it is particularly helpful when you're playing or preparing a play.

Originally Posted by Jadennow View Post
I think it's normal, idk, I talk to myself a lot too. I don't have full on 2 sided conversations with myself out loud, but I do have inner dialogue about things or if I'm trying to figure out how to word something I want to say, I'll try it out a couple times in my head first. I definitely think a lot at night when trying to go to sleep, which is why it takes me so long togettosleep.
Yeah, that happens a lot, but I eventually get asleep.

Originally Posted by Peanut_ View Post
I guess talking to oneself is normal and most people I know do it.
When I tell them I have never ever in my life talked to myself most find it is weird, so guess talking to yourself is the normal thing to do.
Me, I never utter a sound at all when I'm alone - I would never even curse aloud if something goes wrong or so.
I sometimes talk to my pets but that's about it...
So just don't worry about the whole thing here.
Originally Posted by Jadennow View Post
I think there's doesn't degrees depending on the person but I think everyone does it, it's part of having thought process.
Originally Posted by PlasmaHam View Post
I do something very similar to what you are describing. I don't think is is particularly abnormal nor something related to any mental illness.
Originally Posted by Amethyst Rose View Post
That's not abnormal whatsoever, and you shouldn't be worried if it's affecting you for better and not for worse, as you describe.
Yeah, you're right. A lot of people do talk to themselves and there are some benefits to that. I'm guessing I shouldn't fret because of a very common and normal phenomenon.

Thanks to all of you for your responses! Now I feel a little bit more comfortable about my self-talking.

I'll see you, in the not-too-distant future.
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