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Default Do you talk to yourselves?

Ever since I've been able to speak, I have talked to myself. Apparently, many people in the autism spectrum, of which I'm on, experience this.

I've found that I do it when doing almost anything as to focus and think on what I'm doing, and analyze. In the night, it's my introspection tool to see and reflect on what I did on that day. I only do it when there isn't anyone else around listening, because I fear I might be judged, especially because I say things that would be really embarrassing in public.

I also have conversations in my head, but I'm completely aware it's my imagination. I have them on a future tense, so it's like what I would imagine interacting with people based on my life goals and what not.

Other times it's like I was making a video, I start 'explaining' a topic I was thinking of, or giving an opinion on something. Even ranting. I've found it helps to organize and better argument the thoughts on what I was thinking.

It might be weird, unconventional and kinda creepy, but it helps to keep my mind organized and focused (though my ADHD still makes that kinda hard in the end).

Does anybody else do this? Is it similar to the way I do it, or are there any differences? Please let me know

I'll see you, in the not-too-distant future.
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