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Default Re: toured the high school today

Originally Posted by scott2002 View Post
I agree with you 100%. Just hope that you almost NEVER have to take a dump while in school. Try to train your body (holding it back at times, and trying to poop at certain times) so that it only comes up at school like if you feel the "loose poops" coming on.
I HATE having to crap if anyone else is there. I know how I feel when I hear and smell someone taking a dump in the boy's room. YUCK! I think I'd rather crap my pants than do it in a stall with no door!
would you really want to be known as the boy who pooped his pants for three years? I admit, I have not been in a locker room/bathroom where the toilets had no walls (urinals def). i admit they could be awkward to use. even if they already seen you naked, pooping is something different.

As Scott said though, just try to train yourself to poop at times when your going to be at home or somewhere else you will get privacy. if you have to go though, I guess you got to go. I bet you will find most people use them just to pee in and probably few, if any will take a poop in them. that being said, at the end of the day, the more people do it, the more normal it would become and I know some people who wouldn't think twice about it if they had to poop. I certainly would use them before I would poop my pants

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