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Default toured the high school today

starting HS in the fall, showering and changing is no big deal to me, i'm on a swim team so i'm used to showering naked with everyone i'm used to seeing dicks of all sizes the guys biggest is like 8 soft and the smallest is half inch maybe. so im no worried out about gym class.

but when took a tour of the change rooms/bath rooms, not one toilet had a stall door on in it, or any walls, just 3 toilets side by side.

now i have used urinal walls, i feel a bit stressed doing this cus im a grower and only 1.5 soft, so i feel a bit ashamed, but if you have to piss you have to piss.

But i have never had to shit in front of other people, i don't like this,

how would others feel about this situation ?

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