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Angry Any advice ?

So, my brother’s girlfriends mum and dad are very abusive towards my family. Nathan was having sex with other girls before he got with Brittany. In doing so, he contracted an STD which he then gave to Brittany. Nathan and Brittany went through a tough abortion of a baby. They turned to weed to take their mind of it and flew to Amsterdam on a “holiday” to get away for a while. When in fact they were going there because weed is legal over there. My parents and me are anti-drug so my mum and dad let him have it when he got home. They took Nathan to LA. They told us that Brittany’s parents were going as well. But they didn’t go. So, they lied to us.
About 6months pass everything is good.
Then we get abusive text messages from Brittany’s mum (Lorna) saying she is going to stab Nathan and return the knife to us. Our first reaction was to ask what Nathan had done. Lorna told us all the above. We were upset at Nathan because he wasn’t brought up to be like that, Shagging girls and smoking dope.
Lorna stole Nathans phone and was using it to message my mum and my dad on Facebook, so we thought it was him. She was saying “Mum, why are you such cunts to me” we thought it was Nathan. It wasn’t!
We went to the police because from that day Lorna was making up fucking bullshit that my fresh in blood (dad) had threatened to stab Brittany. When he is the most kind and down to earth person who would never say, let alone think that. The police said Lorna had a reputation for being abusive towards people. You could say she was regularly talked about at Braintree Police Station.

I went to London with my friend Hayden. At the train station my phone rung. It was Brittany’s auntie. They said “Hello is that ben, you need to listen very carefully, your dad has threatened to stab Brittany” I instantly ended the call, got on the train in tears with my friend. My head was so fucked up; as it is now.
I never used to be close to my brother, but he must deal with it; even though he has done wrong; I still love him. It breaks my heart when he told me today he had to be put on anti-depressants because he was having suicidal thoughts. I’m clusterfucked

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