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well this topic is sure to get at least 14 pages

and a little faith
Sure I am sure you are a true believer of Christianity, but what of the Hindus and the Islams? I am sure there are people, and many more on that, who will say the same thing. Why then, is Christianity allowed to make such comments.
Personally, i think that all religions ahve good morals (except an illicit few) but I do not practicy any, as EVERY religion will say that if you do not believe in that god you will not go on into your next life/heaven ect ect .....soo .. which one is the right one? Seeing how the dominating religion on VT is christianity, we will see the ''Christian is the right way to go!'' yelled at.

I think society has been brainwashed by their parents and not given the ability to have their own views. They may have the ability, logically, but when being pressured by parents, it is just simply impossible.

Now if you think of what I have to say .... I think when you die you just die. We are muli-billion celled organisms who have the ability to think on account of so many cells. We die we just die it ends.

And t hat is my story
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