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Default Re: embarrassed by pubic hair

umm..may be ur hair are too long ...thats why she wishes to wash them for u...i wont judge u cause of it...cause many of us have already done that in this thread..

To avoid embarresement i think u can do :-

1)u could sit in ur underwares...dont be BUTT NAKED..!!! [in case she asked why so..just say i m more comfortable this way]

2) u could tell her u dont like the pubes..and generaly talk about how can u get rid of them by shaving or by hair removal creams..and can getting rid of them TAGS u as a SLUT.. [who knows its just u thinking that she might tag u...when she actualy might not]

3)N considering the fact that being a step mom shes so concerned about u..she might be pretty close to why not just try the simplest..and talk her out of washing ur hair(u could..if u think u can..tell her that u r embarresed..!!)

i hope this helps honey
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