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Talking Re: embarrassed by pubic hair

Originally Posted by bagel View Post
You could trim the hair short if you don't want to shave it. If you do it little by little she won't notice.

But I agree with what the others said, it is a little weird for your step mom to be with you in the shower. If you don't like it you should ask her for some privacy. You're 13, you can wash your own hair.

If you want to shave your pubic hair though, you should do it. If your step mom would call you a slut for it she is crazy. I just shaved mine and I'm a virgin. Do what you want, and if she doesn't like it you just tell her that you are a not a slut, you don't need her opinion to do what you want with your own pubic hair, and that she shouldn't be looking at your area anyway.
she don't actually LOOK at it, but u know- she sees it cuz im butt naked in the shower!!! (pool party in our PJ's anyone? lol)

Originally Posted by Kartellmyst View Post
omg.....I shave and I'm not a on vagina is like hairy legs to me.
i know... im sorry.
Originally Posted by Ziggy View Post
How long does it take you to shower? 5, 10? 15 minutes at the most. I'm pretty sure she can wait that long to wash her hair after you have showered. If you can, just lock the door or tell her to go away.
lock the door? i can't even shut the door!!!! fuck that shit!!!!! i'm scared 2 be alone in a room!!! the problem is she actually walks in.

Originally Posted by damn almonds View Post
lol ok ^

she says i never get all the soap out
quotin' myself... lol. and then SHE never gets the soap out.

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