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Default Re: done, I hate my life

Thanks for commenting, but I was just in a bitchy mood. It seems to happen about once a week and then I just get over it. Just to clarify on things, I don't really have a behavior problem or anything like that, my teacher was crazy and has since been fired after only being at the school for 2 years. Now my teachers love me because I dont talk much as I dont feel much affiliation to the other kids. I dont find a lot of interest in yelling sex noises or talking about smoking weed or drinking. Been there, done that, nothing special, just really annoying and immature. The kids who agree with me on my viewpoint there are kids that I just dont want to talk to because they just aren't fun to me (they are the kind of kids who complain about pep rallies because they want to learn) My brother doesnt hang out with anyone he went to highschool with, nor did he when he was in highschool, he had friends who were his age in the neighborhood and now even as he has graduated from college he still talks to them. I have one guy about my age and I would say hes one of my real true friends. Also, I try to get into work out routines but I never stick. I got committed to one for a little over a month (lifting, running) but after I found out I had been lifting wrong, not ripping the muscle really, I got a little mad that I had been hurting my results and that along with a combination of being bored just made me stop. So thanks for the comments/concerns. Also it's to late for the whole club team things now, even if I want to. Too many people are just better than me and make the try outs over me, so even if I could pay I just couldnt stand up to play the best guys in my state after only playing for fun. Just wanted to clarify on some of the things said, and also say I'm better, for now at least. I wont be surprised if I get in some super depressed state for a night again and just hate everything. I feel really dumb about some of the things I typed above. Also, Watchfullness, please just dont say anything if it's not going to be constructive, I think I've seen you post in another topic with something that is just not helpful and would only go to make a person mad
Once again, thanks for commenting, and if you made it this far, reading another wall of text
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