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Default Stuck in a cycle

What used to be something I could contain has definitely spiralled out of control.

I'm now stuck in a cycle of self harm where I'd do it, beat myself up emotionally about it, guiltiness, bad thoughts, and I'd do it again.

I'm stuck in a bit of a bad situation at the moment and it makes me continually stressed out and paranoid and I use harming as a way to calm down, like smokers do with cigarettes. I try to find other coping methods but it tends to interfere with the healing process which in essence makes no progress.

I can't really last much more than a day without doing it. If I go over it I usually tend to get more paranoid, have panic attacks much more frequently, and I tend to feel pangs of pain (focused in my forearms and legs) where I would self harm normally as if I'm triggering the response without actually physically harming myself, which tends to make me feel worse.

Are there any coping methods I could use to at least increase the duration of time before these symptoms pop up? Like a couple of days or something?
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