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Age: 15
Height: 5'8
Underwear type you're currently wearing: briefs
Favorite underwear type: boxer briefs/briefs
Longest jerking off session: around 1hour?
Most you've jerked off in a day/week: 4/12
When did you get pubes: about 11
When did your dick start growing: about 11 too
Cut or uncut: cut
Virgin? yes
How did you find put about xxx and why? internet
Do you consider xxx important in your puberty process? yes
Dick length soft/hard: 6" hard
Body type: slim
Body hair: yes
Ethnicity: asian
Sexual orientation: bi/str8 curious
Ever cum in shorts? no
Ever cum asleep? no
Longest time without masturbating: 1 week
Ever compared dick? yes
With who? friends
Who was bigger and how old were you all? about the same, 15
Siblings? no
Older or younger? -
Ever seen there dick? Who's bigger? -
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