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Default Re: My friend might emotionaly abuse me??

I have been in both sides of the story.
On your part, if she says she doesn't want to be your friend or something like that, don't be her friend. Give her what she asks for. It sounds like she is manipulating you. She wants to be all nice and friends when she is in the mood, not when you actually need it. She makes you feel horrible when she probably feels like shit.
And that brings me to her side. She probably is dealing with depression or something and doesn't want to say anything. I know when I feel like crap it is hard to console my friends when they feel bad. But, I never would treat them like that. I would never do more than tell them they're being a bit whiny.
What she is doing isn't something any friend does. It is emotional abuse. No matter how annoyed this friend gets, she shouldn't insult you.
You don't have to not be friends with her forever, but just see if it makes you feel better to be without her.
I really hope you find a way to get better. Best of luck to you.

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