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Originally Posted by wolfbuddy View Post
Well I think I'm being a bit obsessed with him, cuz I'm just starting to feel jealous when he's around other boys (his age). For some reason I just can't stand other boys around him, but I think I shouldn't feel so because its selfish of me.

So I got to know him more, and he said that he always wanted a younger brother and that I can do that role. He told me that he loves me and I said that I love him. I'm beginning to feel that he's not interested in me the way I am.
Well that is a part of life. There are going to be people you are interested in that way who are not going to have the same feelings and there are going to be people who are interested in you that won't have those same feelings. I still think with the age gap it is better if he looked at you more as a little brother and not as a sexual partner and not just because of the obvious legal reasons. Be happy he wants to be your friend and like a brother to you. Now you can choose if you can still be around him or not because of the feelings you have, that is a decision you have to make.

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