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Default Re: I knew it

You should be glad that you got diagnosed! Then they can help you in a better way and stuff! (:

My best friend is bipolar. She really is. Her doctor know that she is. But then Sweden comes and says that you can't be diagnosed as bipolar until you're 18. She just turned 16. And you know what they do instead? They change her diagnosis every other month between other things. Yeah, they're partially true but not right.
= She's freaking out cause she just want her actual diagnose.

Just as Rith says, she's extremely good at drawing/painting too.

And I'm here if you ever need to talk!

if you add me on msn or skype, then send me a vm or pm otherwise there's a risk that I won't accept you.

And please, don't even bother to think about adding me if you're just some horny guy -.-
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