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Default Re: OCD or badly superstitious?

Weird. I still prefer to claim I'm way over-the-top superstitious. Claiming a fear of OCD would bring my mother to figurativly beat me with the "No one in this household has any sort of sickness!" stick. It's been a problem of mine for quite some time only originally it was just that I absolutely HAD to touch something that I've looked at for more than a second. If I would walk away without doing so it would eat at me and I would end up having to run back and do so. I'm a bit better about it now, though.
These days my bathroom is littered in half-used bottles of body wash that I can not use because if I don't use the specific one then the next day will go completely wrong. Whats worse is the stupid body wash I do use isn't even a good brand...Uhg.
FML much? lol.

Thanks btw.

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