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Originally Posted by ViciousScheme View Post
-My family and friends do not understand what im going through, and how absolutely frustrating my life is, not to mention having a twisted teacher. She got kicked out for verbal abuse. Grades are slipping, all my parents care about is "hows the car" and "how much $ this month?" I bought my computer myself, luckily i got a job at a flower store owned by my friend's dad. They are slowly drifting apart, my dads going for material suff and my moms going for religion, they yell alot more and i can feel divorce coming on any day now. I dont want to have to carry this weight when im only 13
You can't control your parents, you can't control your family, or what they want to do. But you can control somewhat your life and how much you're exposed to what's going on with the troubles at home. The more you're around that unpleasant environment the worst you feel.

Try to find something to do that can take a portion out of the day to where you're out having fun and making friends with people instead of being around your parents. Your friends and hobbies can be an escape from all of this. It won't change the outcome of what might inevitably happen but at least you have the hobby (like cross country) and friends to fall back on. It won't fix everything but it makes dealing with the issues going on much easier.

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