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Default Re: Don't know what to do

I was abused by my parents, and when I was 15, I finally fought back against my dad. A lot of shit was building up, and I just didn't feel like taking it, so like I said I fought back, but my mom called the cops on me. Because I'd never reported the abuse, by "self-defense" plea of I could tell my dad was abou to beat me didn't apply because as far as the law was concerned, I've never been abused. Oregon is pretty poor, so I spent a lot of time in jail 'cuz there were no other facilities to hold me, and then I spent the rest of high school in a homeless shelter.

I was on probation for the assault (misdemeanor), and one condition was to complete a program set up for me by the shelter, but to complete the program at the shelter, one of the conditions was to complete my probation. I was taking on a full honors courseload in my senior year (which included several college-credit classes), and I couldn't even do that much while living at the shelter (we had to do too many fucking group activities, and the rest of the people were homeless for good reason). Eventually I said "fuck it" and made plans to move in with a friend. I got brought in on a probation violation for this. My parents jumped on this and withdrew me from school a month before graduation to try and keep me from graduating, wrote incessant letters throughout the school district telling them how "horrible" of a kid I was, how I just manipulate everyone, and about my probation violation. Of course that didn't work, cuz there was nothing wrong with me and everyone knew it, so we all pitched together to get me graduated early (my parents even had the nerve to go to my graduation, the one they tried so hard to prevent!).

Then my mom started pleading to the court that they jail me for the maximum length for a probation violation. That was easily the scariest day of my life, sitting in that courtroom. I had declined my right to council 'cuz the lawer they gave me dropped the ball on the self-defense thing, so I was scared as shit and completely outta my league. Turns out though that we got the exact same judge who took my sister away from my mom, so she saw right through her. My mom even started yelling at the judge at the hearing! In the end the judge emancipated me. My mom was pissed, so she sold everything that they hadn't brought to me at the shelter (including the car I bought with MY money), and tried to get to the shelter and take all of my belongings there (including the computer I saved up and bought with MY money while I was HOMELESS), but the people at the shelter stood up for me and made her go away.

Then, once I moved in with that friend, they stalked me down, and showed up on the front lawn, arguing with my friends mom about how horrible I was, and how I was going to "kill her sons in their sleep and rape her daughters." All of this was very vocal across the street from an elementary school that my friends mom taught at AND a park full of little kids for 3 hours, and my mom called me in to the cops as a runaway twice just to freak me out (they liked to do that for shits and giggles when I was in HS, cuz then they'd hold me overnight, even though I was going to school and getting my shit done.) They also started sending letters throughout the school district saying that the lady who I was staying with was "harboring a runaway" trying to get her fired. It almost worked too.

I barely remember life before 15, so I could've just been exxagerating my home life to myself, but after seeing all the stuff my parents did after that point in my life, I can't go back to them, no matter how hard things get for me.

As for my MD, if I want to get government aid the first thing I need to do is come to terms with having a disability. I'd need to be fully willing to embrace it to get any sort of aid. Right now I'm too proud to admit to it, so I push myself beyond my limits constantly. If I were to actually start limiting myself, then I'd qualify much easier for state aid, but that's a pretty big psychological hurdle for me to get over.


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