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Default Re: Don't know what to do

Wow you do have problem. I know how it is being handicapped. I'm mentally handicapped cause I'm a schizo, have a speech problem and lots of people make fun of me. But after reading your posts I realize how lucky I am.

Don't give up in looking for a job. If they don't hire you because your handicapped then you can sue the shit out of them and you will win hands down and collect lots of money from those prejusted ass holes.

Also, go to the college you want to go to and see the finacil aid office. They can get you grants (you don't have to pay grants back) and student loans. They can also get you a job at the college to help with the bills.

Hope this helps some.

PS: There are programs that work with handicapped people giving them an apartment and an allowance to live by. Call around and fine the nearest one to you. Also, the Americans with Disability Act protects you from discrimation so you don't have to put up with peoples crap.


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