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Default Re: One big problem

Just a guess here ok?
May be lack of will power, but Iím not convinced
You donít eat healthy cause why?
Basically cause you probably like how the not good food tastes.
So thereís immediate gratification with that, feeling good, physically
So it may be a way to mask other symptoms when you donít feel good
Kinda like filling yourself up with food when you may be lack8ng something else in your life, maybe lonlieness?

End of day only you can empower your own actions or inactions.
Eat smart, exercise, you will feel better, maybe not right away, but you will

Sometimes problems are bigger than we can handle alone. Believe me I have an entire menu of those in my life. May not be weight or eating, but may be a similar kinda concept. Iíll probaly be in therapy for my entire life dealing with shit. And thatís ok. And it ok of you need some help to.

Asking for help I see a very courageous thing to do

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