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Default Re: I can't do this anymore

Originally Posted by Karkat View Post
Yeah no, you're spot on

It's probably gonna take him a long time to trust me again, which sucks

And I just don't know how to feel in general...
Thought so, exactly the same thing happened to me, but with me, they decided to cut off all contact with me and basically rip my heart out, one second it was all unicorns and flowers, next thing I know they ripped a part out of my very soul. I know what it's like (stop making this about yourself, Joe)

The best thing you can do, in my fairly inexperienced opinion, is to just say sorry, explain yourself, and then just give them time to come round, if they do at all. I'm sure he'll come to trust you in time, after all, he broke up with you.

At the end of the day,. one of you was obviously unhappy, something wasn't working, it's better this way, this way you both have the opportunity to be happy. Sometimes just being friends is what's best for a relationship

(don't trust what I say, I tend to end up with fuck buddys instead of partners, I'm no expert)

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