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Default Insecure, low self esteem, and comparing myself to others.

I do not have much confidence at all. I wish I did but I have such a hard time trying to like myself. I wish I had a girlfriend because it'd be nice to be in a relationship with someone and would maybe make me feel a little more confident, but I am so awkward around girls (and people in general). Honestly, I don't think I can get an attractive girlfriend if I don't have muscles or abs. That's what a lot girls my age (i'm 16) seem to be into. I do have girls that are my friends (heck my best friend is even a girl) and they all say i'm a nice guy with a great personality but I don't think that's enough. I wish I did have abs and a nice body but it's so hard for me to stay motivated to work out. I like working out at home because I don't want to go to the gym because i don't want other people to look at me and judge me. I also feel very insecure and just bad about myself when I see other guys my age working out at the gym and have 6 packs and huge muscles. I feel like such a loser. They must be really good with girls If only if I could stop comparing myself to others...

Sorry for the long thread, I just wanted to get things off my mind before I went to sleep. I'll be surprised if i wake up and see people actually took time to read this lol.
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