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56 million results, 2 of which seem feasible on the front page. So yes, many courts WOULD send a girl to jail for injuring or killing the attacker. Self defense isn't that powerful a defense. Show me a source to say that many rapists kill the victims. Because I completely disagree with that, most rapists are friends, family members, or coworkers. Also there are things you can take to counter aids and stop it turning in to HIV... As for your last thought, carrying around a weapon in a school or even in public is generally illegal if your intent and use is for self defense. This is in Canada by the way, where I am from. US laws are probably the same. Self defense plain out isn't legal. I will finish with this statistic: 46% of bisexual women have been raped. You said many rapes result in death. By your standards, at least 23% of bisexual women in USA have been killed by rape.

Kind of offensive, but in a good way.
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