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Originally Posted by noumiismywaifu View Post
Rape him first. jkjk, carry around a useless weapon like a heavy-ish object or a book or something. Hopefully you'll never have to use it but it should make you feel much better if you have a way to fight back. Obviously don't take a real blade or anything, that would be crazy unless you legitimately feel threatened by someone, and even then there are better ways to handle that kind of situation.
Better ways? Would that be letting them rape or kill you? If a person is actually trying to rape or harm you you have very right to harm them or even use deadly force in order to keep your self safe and get away.
Real criminals aren't going to talk things out with you. You have seconds to react and protect your self.

One can call the cops but the person may still try to hurt you. If they do try you do everything you can to get away. If that means potentially killing them then so be it. I would never gamble my life and safety, the criminal has made it clear its you or them when they chose to attack you.

Not to be rude. But telling people to chance it with someone much bigger and stronger than they are is not going to help them. Its one thing if you can over power them, but generally that is not the case. People who hesitate get hurt and murdered. People who defend them selves live to tell.

~I do not try to give advice as much as I do just point out facts as I have found people like to make their own decisions in life, not be told what one is best to make~

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