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October, 26th, 1881 - Tombstone, AZ - Gunfight at the OK Corral

Tombstone, founded in 1879, was originally just a small border-town of less than a hundred residents. However, when silver was discovered that same year, the town rapidly grew in both wealth and population. For our purposes, there are two very important groups that immigrated to the town during this time. The first was a group of self-proclaimed ranchers who lived on the edge of Tombstone, but to everyone in town they were simply known as "The Cowboys", an outlaw gang that frequently dabbled in murder, thievery, and extortion. The other group was the Earp brothers, consisting of Morgan, Virgil, and Wyatt Earp. They were the law of Tombstone, though oftentimes stepping over the line in their duties.

The Cowboys and the Earps were naturally under tense relations. On side was law and order, the other was chaos and thievery. Both sides wanted to control Tombstone, and neither side wanted to give it up. Eventually this tension came to a head on October 26th, 1881. Five Cowboys rode into town to finally confront the Earps. The Earps, along with their friend Doc Holliday, responded by initiating a gunfight, in which three Cowboys were killed, while the Earps and Holliday survived. This gunfight is often seen as the peak of the Wild West, and no other gunfight is quite as ingrained in the American consciousness as this was.
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