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Default Re: The Everlasting Arms

@Amethyst Rose & @Brightwolf, I am praying for your situations. That must be hard when you don't have a good guide to help you through life's struggles. Reminds me of my father, who was raised by a Jewish father and Catholic mother. He was very much confused about religious matters until he was nearly 25 years old when he met my mother. I just recommend reading the Bible, praying, and asking questions to people you trust.

Originally Posted by Brightwolf View Post
Anyways, I was wondering, whats your stance on homosexuality? I don't mean to start a flamewar by asking, I'm honestly just curious.
As long as you or someone don't start a flamewar, I will gladly answer your question. I believe that homosexuality is a sin and is not approved of by God. The Bible does not talk about this issue that much, but when it does it is always in a negative light. You hear this most often in the Old Testament, but many "modern" Christians ignore those verses under the belief that nothing from the Old Testament actually counts anymore. But the New Testament does repeatedly condemn sexual fornication and stresses that marriage is between one man and one woman. You see this often in Paul's writings, since he was a frequent missionary to the Greeks, a culture which is infamous for its rampant sexuality.

However, just to make this clear, I do not hate homosexuals. I just believe what they are doing is wrong and that laws shouldn't be made to support it. But the last thing I wish for is for all the gays to be killed or imprisoned for being gay.
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