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Default Re: Just Getting It Off My Chest...

Originally Posted by Jessiibear View Post
Thanks. This was just one of those things that just sorta...stuck. Never really told anyone about it, but I feel like I killed him. I've always felt like it was my fault. I have major trust issues now, though, and I don't fall for the whole "I love you" so easily anymore. I deleted my FB account and everything. Just isolated myself, but I take more cautious steps.

My heart goes out to your friend and, yeah, I'm trying. But when you have no present, the past is all you really have, you know? If that makes sense. Thank you so much for your shoulder, for your ear. It means the world...

Deleting Facebook was a great step to take though. I am glad to hear you are being more cautious now. What I hate to hear is the world has both made us have major trust issues now. Ain't it crazy how you can pour your all into a relationship just to end up hurt by the same ones you trusted. But we can choose to sit in sadness, immobilized by the gravity of our loss, or we can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift we have. Our chance to live our lives to the fullest. So lets not that BS from the past slow us down okay. Look forward to tomorrow and live for today.

We are all like fireworks.
We climb, shine, and always
Go our separate ways and become further apart.
But even if that time comes,
Let's not disappear like a firework,
And continue to shine forever!

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