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Default Re: Just Getting It Off My Chest...

Originally Posted by The-Chosen-Hero View Post
This is really starting to make me mad. For the viewers out there why don't you freaking assist her in the time of need when she is practically reaching out for a hand!? How can you go on with your day, I can't comprehend that!.....

Jesiibear your story has moved me to tears .... I am so sorry that at that age you had to go through something so terrible. No... At any age that is awful. Just know that it is not your fault of his actions. I am sorry he blackmailed you and went as far as to post them. As I go through some of your other posts it hurts to see how recent this kind of thing happens. I have a friend who was also sexually abused mentally and physically as a child. That child is now 16 living in Ontario, Canada trying her best to live on. I believe that you should do the same and forget all this. Put it far behind you as a lost memory and live on as hard as you can. To keep on going. If you ever need help I am right here okay?.. If another guy harasses you call the cops please.. Men and Boys need to know when no means NO!
Thanks. This was just one of those things that just sorta...stuck. Never really told anyone about it, but I feel like I killed him. I've always felt like it was my fault. I have major trust issues now, though, and I don't fall for the whole "I love you" so easily anymore. I deleted my FB account and everything. Just isolated myself, but I take more cautious steps.

My heart goes out to your friend and, yeah, I'm trying. But when you have no present, the past is all you really have, you know? If that makes sense. Thank you so much for your shoulder, for your ear. It means the world...

Originally Posted by Manga View Post
I'm really, really sorry to hear that. No one should ever have to go through what you did. I'm not against people sending nudes to each other, but it is always very important to have that trust feature. Even when you do trust each other though, never put your face in it.

I want you to know that it isn't your fault. I have no idea why he would do something like that, but NONE of it could have been prevented by you. He most likely suffered from a form of depression caused by something in his real life, and used you to not feel so belittled himself. If anything, I think it's important to know that even when his real life was so terrible that he wanted to kill himself, he at least always had you caring for him. Think of all the times that I am sure you made him feel better when his life was so bad. It's terrible that he was trying to force you to masturbate for him under these circumstances. I can't tell you why for sure he would do something like that. Please remember though, you are a great person, and that this in no way reflects who you are. I'm sorry, I know I am not helpful to you right now, but if you ever need to talk, I hope you know we're all here for you. Always ready to listen.
Yeah, I don't send nudes anymore. And if I happened to, I don't put my face in them (even though guys always accuse me of stealing the pics from Google or something like that). Fuck them. There are billions of other girls in this world that they can choose from. Just saying. Maybe he did have something wrong with him, I don't know. Everyday I think about that and other things of the past. I always wonder if he survived that. And if not, is he watching me from wherever he is...

You're a great person too. Thanks for the moral support. My spirits have lifted a little.

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