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Default Re: Just Getting It Off My Chest...

Originally Posted by Jessiibear View Post
Okay, here goes nothing, I guess...
......I'm gonna fuckin' cry...I can't go on...
This is really starting to make me mad. For the viewers out there why don't you freaking assist her in the time of need when she is practically reaching out for a hand!? How can you go on with your day, I can't comprehend that!.....

Jesiibear your story has moved me to tears .... I am so sorry that at that age you had to go through something so terrible. No... At any age that is awful. Just know that it is not your fault of his actions. I am sorry he blackmailed you and went as far as to post them. As I go through some of your other posts it hurts to see how recent this kind of thing happens. I have a friend who was also sexually abused mentally and physically as a child. That child is now 16 living in Ontario, Canada trying her best to live on. I believe that you should do the same and forget all this. Put it far behind you as a lost memory and live on as hard as you can. To keep on going. If you ever need help I am right here okay?.. If another guy harasses you call the cops please.. Men and Boys need to know when no means NO!

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