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Wink Re: Soon I will be officially scared....

All I can really add is being diagnosed autistic was actually one of the best things ever. I don't know the exact details of this, as I seem to have random panic attacks and bad anxiety sometimes too, among a lot of other complications I've only just seemed to notice and find out more about. Since the diagnosis I've been getting 498 amonth DLA, and at least you being in the UK also will most likely be a good chance of that, not so much ... i don't know, the rates go between 20 a week and 90 a week or something depending on how "severe" your disability is.

I don't know how they did that so I can't give any good advice here but it's made my life much better anyway. It could possibly be autism, but not too big a possibility; but not much of what you said says to me it could be, but the "Bipolar" symptoms COULD be extreme sensory overloads, mine seem to get triggered quite often and have caused me to flip out quite extremely including throwing a big block of wood at my brother and breaking a hole in the wall, attacking him for doing 1 bad thing on my RuneScape account and losing my mind so bad I ended up grabbing him and kicking him in the head. I don't tell him how bad I feel because I don't want anyone in my house to know I feel compassion, but I do feel bad after I've had more time to think. I also have feelings of depression too but not too often and mostly just being upset when I find out more things I'm actually dealing with; the thought of me having some forms of social anxiety disorder, sensory processing disorder and agoraphobia as well as being on the autistic spectrum do scare me a little which is why in a way I'd rather not go about being checked for any of them.

Autism and ADHD are the only things I really know anything about so other than that I'm probably useless. If you do have slight suspicions of these things however, try these links here and here, as for me they've been quite helpful in finding out more after already having a diagnosis
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