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Default Re: How popular is/was weed in your high school?

Originally Posted by PinkFloyd View Post
Funny, when I was in middle school, hardly anyone smoked weed. It was me and like a handful of other kids. A good guess would be like 10 in total. I was in middle school from fall 2009 to June 2012, but once I started my ninth grade year, it began to gain momentum, and by the summer of 2013 when my class was going into their 10th grade year, like half the class smoked. Interesting the way it spread. I think everyone was afraid of it at first, but then my city kinda grew a culture surrounding it and it's at its height even today.
i guess due to its health effects being lower then alcohol, kids are finding it to be a better option for when they need to "take the edge off" . I smoked a few times, but i didnt like it, found it too much to handle for me.. i visited my ex school the other day, and through my contacts there, i overheard that 6th grades are doing it, and some 5th graders. most of them come from bad backgrounds (meaning bad parenting, bad frined groups etc).
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